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If you focus on vlogs with lots of recipe videos uploaded to your culinary blog’s YouTube channel, you can make good income with your culinary blog videos. After you’ve added some of your best recipes, it’s time to start making money on your cooking blog. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to start a culinary blog and make money from your recipes without any technical skills.

Welcome to my third quarter of 2021 (July, August and September) Food Blog Earnings Report. Affiliate marketing is another way to generate revenue streams from your food blog. We hope this article helps you learn how to blog and make money from your recipes.

In this article, we will learn how to start your own cooking blog in India and make money as an Indian cooking blogger. Also, list the articles you will start writing immediately after starting the cooking blog. Check out the list of the best affiliate marketing tools and plugins we can use on your food blog to increase your affiliate revenue.

We get paid for our reviews and when you make a purchase using our affiliate link or coupon / code. Here are the basic steps to creating your own WordPress culinary blog that looks like a professional culinary blogger. Here are some courses, equipment, and apps I’ve purchased and signed up to that help me earn FIVE NUMBERS a month as a full-time food blogger.

Now that you are familiar with the basic steps for creating a food blog (or any other blogging website) with WordPress, let’s go over each step of creating a food blog in detail. You can find and install good WordPress themes for your culinary blog right in your WordPress website dashboard. Yes, you can create a new culinary blog in less than 30 minutes and we’ll walk you through the entire process step by step.

The only major difference is the strategies used to get your food blog the attention it deserves, find new ways to collaborate, and capitalize on your food blog in India. I’m a data comparison fanatic, but if you learn one thing from this food blogger income statement, you’ll find that the 2020 data isn’t that useful because it was “anomalous” data for most of the year.

In just SIX easy steps I will show you how I successfully created a blog that makes MONEY. I can still provide FREE recipes to my audience as long as I make money from updating my content, website and brand.

We recommend using for your blog because it gives you access to all WordPress functionality and, most importantly, you can make money from your blog without any restrictions. For more monetization tips, check out our article on How To Make Money Online With Your WordPress Blog. The most effective strategy for making money from a recipe blog is selling your products or uploading them digitally.

In other news, nothing much has happened since I let the blog take a back seat (a little) during the summer months so I can spend more time with my kids when they’re not at school.

In truth, there are a lot of posts, changes every month, and each blog is different. My income depends on my blog, and since I don’t make a lot of money yet, I try to keep my expenses down. Just because you started a blog doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to create a Youtube channel in the future. From the start, I knew I didn’t want my Instagram page to become “ad-centric” and full of freebies, so I wanted to make sure I had a steady income where I could still create quality content without financial hardship associated with relying on transactions. brand.

Every month is different, but it’s nice that 40% of my income comes from advertising on my website. Good photography is important for food bloggers, and editing is essential. Most food bloggers use Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop or Canva to edit their photos, and I’m an Adobe fan.

Schedule a time in January to take all the great courses I have (one in print, one in food style, and certainly a million more). Auditing my content will also help me decide where I can make some progress quickly this quarter and what content is best left for next quarter for fixes. I guess I would rather not clutter my posts with links for just a few dollars, which made Amazon a great income.

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